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What a weekend!
Monday, May 29, 2006
My god-daughter got married on Saturday, so we had to get all dressed up, (can't understand why my usual denim skirt and t-shirt were unacceptable?) flowing skirt suit for me and suit for Mike, didn't recognise us for a minute! She looked absolutely gorgeous, did the weather co-operate? Not likely. Does the weather not know it's supposed to be getting sunny and warm? As she arrived and left the church it drizzled, not that it dampened the celebrations or the sheer joy of the day. Luckily when we got to the reception, the clouds rolled away, the sky cleared and the sun came out, so as well as having a wonderful wedding day to remember they'll have some fabulous photographs as well.

Today, Monday, well this is a sort of catchup on all those jobs you put of until it gets to the point that you really have to do them. For instance, my curtains are now white not sort of greyish! I love the sunshine, but where does all the dust come from?

Ah well, speaking of dust, it's back to work tomorrow, so I'd better finish my dusting, weed the garden, clean the conservatory and then, finally I can do some more at my book.

Do you know, I'm sure I was born to have servants?

Posted by Cheshire Cats on 11:07 am   
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Never done this before
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
As I'm just back from holiday in gorgeous, sunny, hot Arizona, full of ideas to finish my book, not to mention lots of new ideas. One of which was that I'd finally start writing my first blog, so here it is.

Flying back into Manchester, was as usual depressing, because I have never yet arrived on a warmm sunny day, it's always raining. Before I leave Arizona, along with my clothes, I always pack a full case of hot sunshine and blue skies, but you know it's never there when I open my case in England, funny that!

So, what's happened to all my ideas, nothing, absolutely nothing. I came down with some sort of a virus last week which just won't go away. Still the antibiotics from the Doc finally seem to be kicking in a little, the cough is getting slightly better, instead of sounding like I smoke (I don't smoke!) 90 a day, I now just sound as though I smoke about 30 a day, I guess that's an improvement of sorts! Looks like I'll have to pay the Doc another visit.

I still haven't submitted my book yet, mainly because I can't get the submission letter right, which is driving me slightly round the bend.

That's it for my first blog, I'm off to get a coffee, switch the laptop on and see what comes out of my fingers.


Posted by Cheshire Cats on 3:21 pm   
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