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Found Brain!
Sunday, June 25, 2006
Well I'm pleased to say I've found my brain, it hadn't gone far and was lurking in a corner all the time.

Now it's awoken again, my fingers are itching to get busy, so hopefully this time I'll get significantly more done. I know what's going to happen, but things keep writing themselves in (you know how that happens!) and then I have to re-arrange an earlier bit to make it work. Then I put it to sleep, wake up the next morning and want to change it.

Hmm, memo to fingers, edit when finished not while ongoing!!!
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 9:50 pm   
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Lost brain!
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Has anyone seen my brain? I know I had it a couple of weeks ago, really I did! It's quite a cute little brain, very inquisitive, been around for a while, very well used, likes travelling and visiting new places and is always looking out for new story ideas.

I wonder if this soggy, grey, cold weather has sent it into hiding? Could be I guess, it's certainly making me long for sunnier climates! Was it only a couple of weeks ago I was extolling the virtues of a Hockings on a hot sunny Devon

Ah well, maybe if I feed it a nice glass of chilled wine it'll come out of hiding. Or perhaps in this weather it should be hot chocolate!
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 8:44 pm   
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Sun, Sea, Sand & Hockings!
Sunday, June 11, 2006
I just got back from a glorious weekend in Devon. The dreaded paying work is calling tomorrow or else why would I leave the sun, sea, sand and Hockings behind. Hmm, you've never heard of Hockings? Honey you've never lived!

Hockings is to die for! It's the most truly delicious, absolutely scrumptious Devon clotted cream ice cream. The best way to eat it is as a 99 surrounded by a dollop of clotted cream (obviously it's all fat free - she lied!) sitting watching the waves or strolling through them. What more could a person want on a hot, sunny afternoon?

The writing? oh well I took the laptop......... but hey you wouldn't want me to get sand in it now would you?

Actually, I think I'll just check my lottery ticket who knows, maybe I don't have to go back to work tomorrow!
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 9:21 pm   
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Bad Back!
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Have you ever noticed how it's always the smallest thing that does the most damage? Mike was cutting the hedge last week, twisted slightly round a rose bush and put his back out. Oh joy! It's slowly getting better, but because of his job the doctor has put him off work for a couple of weeks. I think he's going to spend that time working on his suntan, assuming this fantastic weather stays with us.

I've not done any writing, time is just disappearing at the moment, besides which I can't see my laptop in the garden! OK, so I know it's not a valid excuse, but......

Carole K

PS: At least the hedge looks good!
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 10:29 pm   
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