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Summer's back!
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Isn't it gorgeous? The weather I mean, if it wasn't for the nights drawing in you'd think it was still high summer. I love this weather, it's a real pleasure to walk to work.

Yes I did say walk! I'm lucky it's only a couple of miles from home to the office, so weather permitting I walk. Walking is the best way to start the day. What could be nicer than walking across a footpath through the early morning dew watching the sun rise? Okay, so your feet get wet, but it's peaceful and quiet, the air is clear and you notice things you never see out of the car window.

This year for instance, there are tons, and I do mean tons, of sloes. Big juicy black fruit just waiting to be smothered in gin with a little bit of sugar. Home made Sloe Gin, definitely worth waiting for. I unearthed some last year that was 20 years old, don't quite know how it managed to last so long, but boy does it taste good! See if I drove to work every day, I'd never notice those fat old sloes, just sitting there waiting to be picked would I?

The only down side of walking to work, is well, I'm walking to work. I mean work's fine, I guess, and the money comes in handy, but work, well it really interferes with your life doesn't it?
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 10:30 pm   


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