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Happy New Year!
Sunday, January 07, 2007
One of my new year resolutions (apart from the usual get fitter, get thinner one) is to stop procrastinating and get my book finished it's so close to the end it's pathetic that I've just not finished it yet.

The trouble is I have several different ideas on how I want it to end and for a few months now I've been thinking about it, deciding yes this is definitely going to happen. I sit down to write and what happens, something totally different pours of out my fingers! What makes it even worse is I have several new ideas floating around in my fingers that are also trying to make their way onto paper!

But I have now decided, finally, what is going to happen and I am sticking with it, that's my new years resolution. So it will be finished and finished very soon.

One other thing, I am determined to do is write more on my blog. So be prepared for more of my ramblings. Don't say I didn't warn you!!
Posted by Cheshire Cats on 11:21 pm   
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